Request Approval

NC Graduation Project Request for Approval Form


In a word document, answer the following questions with specific information. When you have completed this proposal, save and print a copy for yourself and a copy to submit to your English teacher. Make sure you have discussed your topic idea with your parents/guardians. Also, you may discuss it with your teacher before you submit this form.  When completing your proposal, be as specific as possible. The Graduation Project Committee will review the proposal and approve it and/or give suggestions. You may have to modify your plan. Upon approval, you can begin your NC Graduation Project.  Be sure to get the required forms and to document your effort and progress on your 15 hours (product).  Your proposal should be 2-3 pages long (MLA format).


Please address the following topics:

1-Give your name, address, phone number

2- Describe the Internship/Physical Project/Product goals and purpose of your 15+ hrs.


3- Explain how the 15+hrs will be a stretch or new experience for you.

4- Who will be your mentor? Give the mentor’s name, address, phone number, email.


5-What is the location and plans that you have for working/communicating with the mentor?  Will you work at his/her place of business? Will you have to travel to different places? Will you use their equipment/tools/supplies?


6-Are there any specific issues associated with your 15+ hrs, such as paperwork required by the mentor, medical facility, company? Do you have to sign any release forms?

7-What are some potential topics for your research paper? Explain the connection between paper topics and your 15+ hrs.