Project Deadlines

Graduation Project Schedule, Deadlines, Grading Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians: Use this schedule and information to help your child plan for meeting all the Graduation Project deadlines necessary for graduation. Please read, sign below, and return to your English teacher.  A copy will be returned to you.  Call the Early College if you have questions or concerns at any time during your child’s Graduation Project.


August 27-31-- Students receive forms and information about the Graduation Project,

specifically the Physical Product (15 hrs).


September 21 – Students must have secured a mentor and a physical product.  All permission forms must be submitted by this date.  You MAY NOT begin your hours until you have submitted all of your preliminary paperwork.  A zero will be given if the preliminary paperwork has not been turned-in by this date.  


November 2-- Physical Product of 15 hrs must be completed. Students turn in Mentor Log and Mentor Scoring and Feedback Form to the English teacher.  Any issues or problems with a mentor or completing hours should have been addressed long before this deadline. A zero will be given if the Physical Product and corresponding documentation is not turned-in by this date.  


November 16 -- Research Paper Rough Draft due.  Paper must meet length requirement of 8 pages (not including images, Works Cited, or cover page), MLA format (Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins).  A zero will be given for the Research Paper Rough Draft is it is not turned-in by this date.


December 7-- Research Paper Final Draft due (6 to 8 pages-see above).  Any student turning in a Final Draft after this deadline will receive a zero.


December 7-- Student Portfolio is due, and must have all required forms and documents. Follow the Portfolio Checklist. Any student turning in a Portfolio after this deadline, will receive a zero.

The Portfolio is a notebook that documents the student’s journey through the Graduation Project.  It is a three-ring binder that should include a letter to the judges, journals, the research paper with works cited, signed time log, forms, and product documentation, such as photographs, additional logs, journals, certificates, interviews etc. The portfolio will also be available for judges to read before the panel presentation. 


December 10-14-- Practice presentations will begin on December 10 and will continue until December 14. Students will draw one of the dates to give a practice presentation in class.  The practice presentation must  include pictures and visuals from the time the student spent working on the product (15 hrs). Students cannot use documentation that does not represent their specific Graduation Project.  A large portion of this presentation will explain working with the mentor, the learning stretch, goals, accomplishments, and challenges associated with choosing the topic, locating a mentor, completing the 15 hours. 


December 17-18-- Students will give presentations to community judges.  Times to be announced.  Students are required to present when they are scheduled or they will receive a zero for the Presentation. 


Students will be given time to complete the paper and presentation development.  However, students must be working diligently outside of class to complete all of their work.  Of course, if students waste class time and/or have unexcused tardies and absences, they are still responsible for meeting deadlines.  In order to ensure fairness, all students will be held to the deadlines and grade deductions, unless there are valid and confirmed circumstances beyond the students’ control. It is important for students to notify parents and teachers when they encounter problems or concerns about any part of the Graduation Project.  The cumulative score of the Graduation Project will factor significantly into the student’s final English IV grade.


I have read the schedule, deadlines, and grading policy for the Graduation Project. 



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