Portfolio Checklist

Graduation Project Portfolio (Notebook) Checklist


1- Make a cover sheet for your 3-ring binder notebook.  It is not necessary to make a colorful cover.  It needs your name at the top, title of research paper, and 15-hr internship topic.  Please make sure your name is large and legible so the judges can find it.


Put these forms in your notebook in the following order:


1-      Letter to the Judges

2-      Clean and final copy of research paper (do not staple)

3-      Works Cited

4-      All Journal Entries (at least 6 pages in MLA format)

5-      Student Contract Form

6-      Parent Mentor Consent Form

7-      Mentor Agreement Form

8-      Mentor Evaluation Form

9-      Mentor Time Sheet

10-  Student diary/notes if you took them during your internship (optional)

11-  Pictures, brochures, handouts you may have from your internship but choose not to use in your presentation (optional)