Mentor Approval Form

N.C. Graduation Project Parent Mentor Approval and Liability Release Form


Dear Parents/Guardians:


It is important that parents/guardians are informed of their child’s mentor(s).  The Graduation Project requires that a student complete a product/physical project consisting of 15 hrs. minimum under the guidance of a person who is considered an expert or knowledgeable about the student’s project.  Students are encouraged to locate a mentor who is mature, responsible, professional, and knowledgeable.  Mentors must be at least 21 years old and cannot be a family member that lives in the student’s household.  The mentor can not have a criminal record. Parents should communicate with the mentor to determine his/her qualifications.


We at Polk County Early College High School encourage parents to be a part of their senior’s mentor selection. The Senior Project Mentor is a key component of the overall success of the Graduation Project, and your son/daughter will have a more enjoyable experience with a qualified mentor. 


Please fill out the following information:


  1. Parent/guardian name _____________________________________________________________


  1. Student name  ___________________________________________________________________


  1. Mentor’s name, title (area of expertise), and business location. 







  1. Describe your child’s Product/Physical Project.  What will he/she be learning? Explain issues with travel, cost, risks.  __________________________________________________________________





I realize that Polk County Early College High School will not have staff present during this project.  I assume responsibility for supervising my child for all the activities involved in the project.  I am fully aware of the dangers and risk inherent in the project, and will not hold Polk  County Schools responsible for the  consequences that may arise or result directly or indirectly from the project.


I give _____________________________________ permission to complete the Graduation Project

                  student’s name


Physical Product (15+ hrs) based on the information provided above.


Parent/Guardian printed name:    ________________________________


Parent/Guardian signature:   _____________________________   Date:  ______________