Mentor Agreement


Dear Mentor:

Please complete and sign this form and return to the student.  The student is responsible for returning this document to his/her English teacher or project committee member. There are several important issues to consider before agreeing to mentor students. Please email Heather Wright at with any concerns. 


  • It is the student’s job to discuss the project’s goals and purpose before you sign this form, and to provide you with a set of typed instructions. 
  • You should expect the student to be engaged in the project, to be professional, to be courteous, and to be considerate of your time schedule.
  • The student should request to take photos or gather evidence during the project in order to use them during the final presentations to a panel of faculty and community judges.  Students are expected to share information about the mentor and the experience of working on this project.
  • Parents/guardians and the Graduation Project Committee must agree that you will serve as the student’s mentor.
  • This form will be kept on file to validate your agreement to serve as the student’s mentor.




I agree to advise, direct, and generally assist _________________________________ (Student, print your name) in the partial completion of the student’s N.C. Graduation Project.


  1. I am older than 21 years of age, do not live in the student’s household, and do not have a  criminal record. I understand the student’s parents must approve my mentoring.
  1. I will fill in the date, time, description, and mentor signature in order to validate the student’s hours and work on his/her Senior Graduation Project. 
  2. I understand that I do not have to sign for time and work that I did not approve or agree on with the student. 
  3. I understand that I may contact the Early College if I have any questions or concerns about the student or the project, and a member of the Graduation Project Committee will contact me for information of the student’s progress.
  4. I understand that I will determine the student’s physical project grade based on the MENTOR SCORING RUBRIC (student will explain and provide the form.  Please give comments to support the score). The grade will count as 1/4 of the student’s total Graduation Project score.


Mentor’s name (please print) __________________________________________________


Mentor’s Address ___________________________________________________________


Mentor’s Phone Number and/or email ___________________________________________


Mentor’s Signature __________________________________________   Date __________