Instructions for Mentor

NC Graduation Project: Instructions for the Mentor


Graduation Projects are as diverse as the students who complete them.  Therefore, there is no hard and fast definition of what all mentors should do to help.  However, these suggestions may be beneficial:


·         At the first meeting with your student, make a list of goals and the process of the student’s project.  You and the student should have an idea of the “big picture” and possible paths to complete the Product (15 hrs).  The student should write these goals and plans in a journal for future use in a presentation.

·         At the first meeting, please fill out the Mentor Agreement Form and return to student.  Please be aware that the student’s parents/guardians and Polk County Early College High School Graduation Project Committee must approve of your mentoring. The student should show you the Mentor Time Sheet and Mentor Scoring Guide as well.  At the end of the project, the student will turn in these forms to the Graduation Project Committee.

·         As the student works through the 15+ hrs required for this project, sign the Time Sheet daily to indicate the student is on target and is actually doing the work.  The student need not be working every minute in your presence, but he or she should give you some tangible evidence that the time and work is progressing. Students should also keep a detailed journal that records the time and work spent on the project.

·         The student should gather evidence of his/her project, such as photos, video, journal, samples, evidence that records stages of the student’s progress.  This evidence will be used later when the student presents to a panel of judges.  If you permit, the student may want to take photos of you and him/her working together and/or the location of the project.

·         When the work is finished, complete the Mentoring Scoring Guide.  Your feedback will help the Graduation Project Committee, along with the evidence the student provides, grade the student’s Product.  Return to student.

·         The student must turn all forms to the Graduation Project Committee.  Please expect a member of this committee to call or email in order to verify the student’s progress and to verify the Time Sheet and Scoring Guide.

·         Please contact Polk County Early College High School with any concerns or questions you may have about the project or student’s progress.  Someone can direct your call to a Graduation Project Committee member.


About the Mentor Scoring Guide:

Please complete the Mentor Scoring Sheet and return to the student.  Your input and information on this form will be used to determine if the student passes the Product portion of the Graduation Project. If you have any questions, contact the high school and/or the student.



Thank you so much for helping our students. We appreciate your time and guidance, as our students benefit greatly from this project.